Premium AirSonic Endo Handpiece 牙科氣動音波式根管擴大盪洗手機

Premium AirSonic Endo Handpiece氣動音波式根管擴大盪洗手機



  • 音波手機有可調節POWER旋扭及快速換FILE裝置(卡榫式),以確保作業長度的固定性與準確性。
  • 均勻一致的擴大根管,避免台階形成。
  • 降低根管側穿或根尖裂開的風險。
  • 音波手機運作時會有1mm左右的安全擺幅。
  • 在安全的工作頻率內,不易折斷File(安全工作頻率: 1500~3000 Hz)。
  • FILE帶有1.5~2.5mm的安全工作尖,不易形成台階或側穿。
  • 使用音波手機製備根管有別於傳統往復旋轉器械、手機,只需要一根FILE即可對整個根管進行製備,減少醫生頻繁換針困擾,降低疲勞度,提高工作效率,減緩患者治療時的不適性。
  • 高效的切割效率(配合RISPISONIC® File使用)
  • 高效的蕩洗功能(配合SHAPERSONIC®與RISPISONIC® File使用)
  • 兼有強大的根管切削和清洗的雙重功效。
  • 結合Qmix、MTAD、EDTA使用,可以有效的去除#根管玷污層、牙本質碎屑和殘碎混合物。
  • 配合次氯酸鈉使用,持續音波沖洗根管能力,增進根管治療品質,降低術後不適的發生率,提昇預後效果。
  • 有效擴大根管,易於保持跟管原有形態,非常適合橢圓形或C型根管。
  • 沒有旋轉運動,非常適合彎曲根管,建議預彎File。
  • 極少的斷針發生率及經特殊技巧可具斷針的取出功能
  • 無需額外的控制盒、控制裝置,全機可135°C高溫高壓滅菌。
  • 維護簡單,清洗、滅菌消毒、保養-同四孔高速手機 / 全機保固三年。
  • The Premium AirSonic Endo handpiece is an Pneumatic handpieces transmitting sonic waves along an endodontic file, which generates when compressed air enters inside of the vibrator in the device. The handpiece produces subsonic vibrations.
  • The cutting action is produced by mechanical and physical movement on the canal (abrasive action) the handpieces remove dentine debris in the field of endodontics.
  • A turbine hose from a dental unit that supplies the device with compressed air and water is attached to the backend of the device in order to use the device. 
  • Water from the dental unit is used for cooling and cleaning the treatment site.
  • The device consists of the handpiece including the connection to a hose and file holder.
  • Easy and controlled orifice enlargement. Effectively circulates irrigants for complete canal disinfection, includeing lateral canals and isthmuses. Safely debrides canals for easy instrument access. 
  • NiTi systems are efficient in creating desirable canal shapes, but they leave 30-50% of the root canal system untouched, leaving behind breeding grounds for bacteria leading to inevitable root canal retreatment.The Premium AirSonic Endo handpiece will effectively cleanse and disinfect entire canal systems for increased endodontic success.
  • The Premium AirSonic Endo handpiece only accepts RISPISONIC® & SHAPERSONIC® files.